Wireless Broadband Rentals

Event Radio Rentals is a leading nationwide provider of temporary wireless broadband solutions. If you need wireless broadband for a week or more but don’t want to be tied down by a two-year contract from a carrier, you can conveniently place your order online.

Whether it is an aircard for single laptop use, a MiFi for up to 15 wireless devices, or a Convention Connectivity Kit for 64 simultaneous users we are happy to partner with AT&T and other carriers to provide 4G LTE service right to your device.

Aircard Rentals

Send and receive large e-mails and surf the web with ease when accessing the  4G LTE Mobile Broadband network.

Mi-Fi Rentals

Event Radio Rentals has an inventory of mobile data hotspots available from  (4G LTE). Need a mobile data connection and share that connection with up to 15 devices.

Corporate Router Rentals

Need to share a high-speed connection at a Special Event / Trade Show or Convention? We can supply 4G connectivity to 64 simultaneous users.