Q. I have a large order or a special request. Should I fill out an online rental request form?
A. We prefer you call 1-800-996-1810 to speak with our rental staff for a more customized quote to meet to your specific rental needs.

Q. Once I place my online rental quote request, what happens next?
A. Once we receive your online quote request we will follow up by the next business day. A formal rental proposal for the equipment you requested along with a credit authorization payment form and UPS/Messenger form will be emailed via DocuSign.com. If you requested to be contacted by phone, we will return your call promptly.

Q. Once I submit my signed proposal paperwork back to Event Radio, what happens next?
A. Our rental staff will contact you if needed to review your order and confirm with you any details regarding dates, quantity, and location to ensure accuracy. From there a Rental Contract with Terms & Conditions will be emailed to you through DocuSign.com. To complete your order, please submit the contract back via DocuSign, email, or eFax (646-862-8934).

Q. After I place my Mobile Broadband order online, what happens?
A. Our rental staff will receive your order through the online processing system. If there are any problems or discrepancies a rental specialist will be in contact with you. Once your order ships from our office you will receive an email with a tracking number directly from UPS..

Q. Can I keep my rental equipment longer?
A. We request that you call before the end of your rental period to extend your rental so we can make adjustments to our inventory system. We understand from time to time that things get a little crazy at the event site and, for this reason, when the equipment is not shipped back by the agreed return ship date we will automatically issue you a seven (7) day extension contract and continue to bill you up until the day the equipment is return shipped with UPS. We use the UPS pick-up scan as the determination for the new contract end date. Please be advised that extended contracts are subject to the rental terms and conditions agreement.

Q. What number should I call if I have a question or problem with my order?
A. 1-800-996-1810 can be utilized 24/7.

Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. We do ship equipment to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico, however this is treated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information.

Q. What should I do if I don’t recognize charges on my credit card bill?
A. Call us at 1-800-996-1810 during normal business hours and please have the invoice number, credit card number, transaction date and amount of the charges available so we can assist you in identifying the charges before filing a claim to your credit card company. Almost always the charges can be easily identified and explained. Once a claim is made, it is very difficult for us to honor any discretionary refunds and we typically have to revert to the terms and conditions of the contract signed.

Q. In addition to renting radios I would like to have someone on site to help with distribution and inventory management. Do you offer such a service?
A. Yes we do. Depending on your dates and market we can offer you a very competitive rate for on-site techs and staffing.

Q. What is the talk distance of the radio equipment?
A. Two-way radio coverage with Motorola UHF 4-watt radio equipment is up to about one (1) mile outdoors. Indoor coverage varies based on construction of the building where the equipment is being used. Large convention centers are normally covered 80% or better. In hotel/building applications, usually up to about 15 stories above ground level are covered. Larger coverage areas are possible with push-to-talk units through AT&T or other 4G LTE networks. These PTT systems are great for coast to coast communications as long as there is sufficient signal strength to the cell site towers. Many hotels and convention centers are wired up to boost AT&T and/or 4G LTE signals. If you have specific coverage question’s please call 1-800-996-1810. We have experience in many different venues throughout the United States; chances are we are familiar with your specific event location.

Q. How many channels do your radios have?
A. A majority of our rental fleet consists of at least 32 channel radios with LCD screens and the rest of the fleet have at least 16 channels.

Q. Are your rental radios compatible with trunking systems?
A. Yes they are. We rent Motorola PR400 LTR capable radios to join your existing UHF trunking system. Further, the MotoTrbo XPR series is compatible with Capacity Plus UHF trunking systems. For older formats please give us a call.

Q. Do you rent Intrinsically Safe Radios?
A. Yes. We have a large inventory of FM approved, I/S radios and batteries for controlled environment use.

Q. What kind of accessories do you offer with your radios?
A. For two-way radios we offer audio accessories including: Speaker Microphones, Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight Headsets and 2-wire FBI-style surveillance kits. Single-unit and Multi-unit gang chargers are always included with any rental more than one (1) day. For AT&T or 4G LTE PTT units, we offer 2-wire FBI-style surveillance kits and some phone models support speaker mics. For a complete list of accessories available, please click here.

Q. How many batteries and chargers do I get with an order?
A. We always include an additional 50% of the order size in extra batteries at no additional cost (10 radios = 5 spare batteries) for any rental longer than one day. We match your quantity of chargers to the amount of spare batteries. If you require additional spare batteries and chargers, please note your request in the comment section when requesting a quote.

Q. Do I need a FCC license to rent from you?
A. No, we have national FCC frequencies that are programmed into your radios. Additionally, we can program/match radios to your frequencies should you request that option.

Q. What radio brands do you have?
A. We are proud to exclusively feature Motorola brand walkie talkie equipment.

Q. What is a Repeater?
A. A repeater is installed in a fixed indoor location with the intent of coverage enhancement. Multi-story buildings are covered more thoroughly and dead spots are removed. The building’s construction, number of floors and the presence of steel and concrete determine range. If you are interested in utilizing a repeater, please give us a call to go over the specifics for your particular application.

Q. Do your Push-to-Talk units have international calling options?
A. We do offer international dialing on select products, however for your protection this feature is not activated unless requested. AT&T now offers seamless E-PTT coverage in Canada and Mexico. For more information about international services please call our office and speak with a rental specialist.

Q. Do you provide 24/7 support?
A. Yes, please call 1-800-996-1810 for 24/7 support. After our regular business hours please press #5 from the voice prompt menu when instructed. Leave a detailed voicemail and it will be routed to our representative’s personal phones and they will return your call ASAP.