Motorola XPR 7550

Motorola XPR 7550 Two-way Radio Rentals

Event Radio Rentals two-way radio rental fleet includes the industry leading Motorola XPR 7550 digital portable two-way radio.

Rental Features

  • Combining the best of two-way radio with digital technology, the MOTOTRBO XPR 7550 digital portable radio delivers increased capacity, exceptional voice quality, extended battery performance and integrated data communication. The XPR 7550 is a four (4) watt digital unit comes standard 16 channels with option for more, emergency button, submersibility and intrinsically safe options are available.
  • MOTOTRBO’s XPR 7550 digital portable two-way radio is ideal for professional organizations that need customizable, business-critical communication solution using licensed spectrum. This versatile portable provides twice the calling capacity, clearer voice communications, offers enhanced battery and provides easy migration from analog to digital.


Motorola XPR 7550 Features

Radio Features:

  • Up to 1000 Channels Available For Radio Cloning
  • 12.5/25 kHz Switchable Channel Spacing
  • Analog and/or Digital Channel Scan
  • Analog and/or Digital Priority
  • Dual Priority Channel Scan
  • Alphanumeric Display
  • 3 Programmable Side Buttons
  • 2 Programmable Front Buttons
  • Submersible (IP57)
  • XPR 7550 includes integrated GPS module (requires MOTOTRBO Location Services Application)
  • Basic Privacy/Scrambling
  • Enhanced Privacy/Encryption
  • DTMF Encode
  • Live Dial Only
  • Capacity/Connect Plus Trunking Capable

Industry Solutions

The Motorola XPR 7550 portable two-way radio can be used for a variety of applications.

Here are a few examples of some key industries:

  • Construction
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Administration
  • Public Safety
  • Small Campus
  • Transportation

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