Motorola DTR700

Rent a Motorola DTR700 Digital Portable Radio

Event Radio Rentals two-way radio rental fleet includes the industry-leading Motorola DTR700 digital portable two-way radio.

With Motorola Solutions’ DTR700 Series radio, digital on-site communication is easier and more reliable than ever. Your team can communicate quickly, solve problems rapidly and address unexpected situations – ultimately improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Enhanced features include a slim, rugged design that is simple, yet powerful. Crisp, clear audio and wide-area coverage keep employees connected and accountable wherever they are. And intuitive navigation menu ensures ease-of-use. The Motorola Solutions’ DTR700 Series radio is the perfect partner for your business – delivering all the benefits of reliable digital communications.

Motorola DTR700 RentalsRental Features

  • 50 Digital Channels
  • License-free Communication on 900 MHz Digital ISM Band
  • Interference Free, Private Communications
  • Vibrant Color Display
  • Long battery life up to 16.5 hours *
  • Slim, Rugged Design
  • Prominent Functional Keys
  • Flexible Call Options
  • Wide Area Coverage
  • Loud and Clear Audio
  • License Free, Hassle Free


Motorola DTR Series Overview

Enhanced coverage, battery life, and audio quality aren’t the only advantages of Motorola’s new Digital On-Site Two-Way Radios. No license is required to operate Motorola’s 900 MHz units. And for enhanced security, Motorola added Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) with 50 non-overlapping groups. Unlike analog radios, multiple group communications can occur simultaneously on the same channel with Motorola Digital On-Site Two-Way Radios.

In addition to these overall benefits, Motorola Digital On-Site Two-Way Radios allow you to take advantage of many leading-edge operational features that were never available previously.

Because the digital technology of the Motorola DTR series portable enables each unit to have its own unique 11-digit identification, you get a new level of radio communication versatility with these calling options:

Digital One-to-One
Calling Call and talk privately with a specific user’s radio. A private call recipient can receive an alert — either an audible or vibrating signal. And the recipient’s unit displays the caller’s ID.

Digital One-to-Many Calling
Public Group Call. All other Motorola DTR Series radios on the same group ID and channel hear communications, similar to an analog radio operation.

Motorola DTR Series Applications

The digital performance of the Motorola DTR Series enables you to build bridges that expand the capabilities of individuals and teams, enabling them to get the job done right, fast, and safely.

Maintaining order and increasing safety are priorities for any school. Motorola DTR Series radios keep everyone in touch — from teachers and administrators to crossing guards and maintenance personnel. That enables a quick response in any situation, often preventing small problems from escalating into bigger ones.

Responsive service is essential to sales and customer satisfaction. Motorola DTR Series radios make responsiveness easier to provide, whether it’s an answer to a customer’s question, a price check, a clean-up or an emergency. With clear, constant communication ensured, customer satisfaction can be taken to the next level.

Success in industry depends on two things … efficiency and responsiveness. Motorola DTR Series radios provide the clear communication, often in noisy environments, is essential to avoid downtime — and to enable the fastest response to production problems or injuries.

Property Management
With Motorola DTR Series radios, building managers, maintenance technicians, grounds keepers, and security personnel can respond fast to tenant needs or emergencies, minimizing costs and enhancing tenant satisfaction.

Excellent service and customer satisfaction are the keys to loyalty and repeat business. Motorola DTR Series radios keep your staff connected, from the front desk and concierge to event planners and maintenance personnel. That means a more productive staff and fast response to guest needs, special events, spills, and emergencies.

To keep any construction project on track, you need timely coordination from management to foremen, subcontractors, and individual tradespeople. Motorola DTR Series radios make it easy, helping keep projects on schedule, avoid errors, meet deadlines and keep costs on budget.

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